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Grab Your Hard Hat! A Glimpse Inside the Hope & Main Renovation – Oct. 2013


Thank you to Hope & Main for this great post following TRAC's progress and committment to stay on schedule. 

Work on Hope & Main’s renovations plans are fully underway thanks to TRAC Builders and Ferreira’s Concrete Forms. The construction crew is making serious progress on the new loading ramp and three-story elevator, located at the rear of the building, and the interior of the school is nearly unrecognizable post-demolition.

We’re pumped to be on-schedule for our Summer 2014 opening and can’t wait to show off our new facilities to the community. In the meantime, check out a few shots of the crew’s handiwork.

To read the full story visit: Hope & Main


TRAC Completes Upgrade to Radiation Oncology Center


TRAC Builders recently completed an upgrade to the RI Hospital Radiation Oncology Department.  The Comprehensive Cancer Center, which brings together world-renowned physicians and collaborative local specialists to provide top cancer care, tasked TRAC with modernizing its facilities in order to support its mission to provide the most innovative and effective technologies to its patients. This highly technical project required working in an active cancer center. Removal of unsuitable soils, an engineered de-watering system, installation of a split chiller and air system, lead shielding, and static dissipating flooring are just some of the specifications required to the success of this project. 

radiation oncology

About the machine:

TRAC worked closely with Brain Lab and Varian Medical Systems to work out the specifics of the machine and required installation requirements for a TrueBeam STx linear accelerator machine advanced to perform radio surgery.  It was engineered from its inception to perform noninvasive, image guided radiosurgery procedures with pinpoint accuracy and precision.  The precision of the TrueBeam STx system is measured in increments of less than a millimeter.  When completing the upgrades to the room and installation of this machine, the space is measured off of the isocentric axis.  The room configuration around the isocenter metrics is essential to the follow for the machines success.  Specifications of such room are below per Varian Medical Systems.  Further details on the machine may be found at:

TRAC takes great pride in subcontractor relationships


Again as we wrap up another successful project at North Kingstown Schools, we are reminded about how important the relationship between a general contractor and subcontractors is to the success of a project.  We recently received a nice letter from one of our subcontractors who worked with us on the North Kingstown Schools project and appreciate the positive feedback from those we work with.  Thank you to Gem for doing such a great job on this project, as well as everyone else involved.


TRAC Completes $5 Million School Renovation in 8 weeks!


TRAC recently completed over $5 million in renovations and upgrades in a very tight schedule of 8 weeks to meet the deadline for teachers to get ready for students to attend school this week.  The timeline to complete this project was very tight and could not have been done had it not been for the great team at TRAC, especially Rick Amaral, Project Manager; Mike DiNobile, General Superintendent, and Mike Iarossi, Superintendant and their crews who worked tirelessly to make this project a success.  Congrats on a job well done team! 

Phil Auger, PHD Superintendent of the North Kingstown Public Schools recently sent this letter to our team and others involved in the project to thank them for a great job.  Thanks for such nice words Mr. Auger, we appreciate it when a great project team works hard together!

NK First Day of SchoolNK First Day of School

"Thankfully, all schools are off to a great start today. I want to express my gratitude to NKSD Director of Administration, North Kingstown Director of Department of Public Works, Jim Partridge, Architect, Edward Rowse Architects, NKSD Facilities Supervisor, the NKSD Facilities Sub-Committee, and the excellent crews of TRAC  Builders, NKSD Maintenance and Technology departments, NKSD Food Service Manager, and our GCA Services Custodians for their hard work and dedication to complete an enormous amount of work in such a short period of time.    With over $5M worth of upgrades taking place in six of our schools, this was by no means a simple job, but our team pulled together well to complete the work to very high quality standards in time for the opening of school.

We have so much to be grateful for in NK Schools, not the least of which are these newly renovated buildings and the hardworking people who have done such magnificent work to get our year started so well and on time.

 Thank you all for the great work!"

Phil Auger, Ph.D., Superintendent of North Kingstown Public Schools

Kingstown Crossings Featured In FHLB Boston


Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston recently featured Kingstown Crossings in their community development profile section.  The full story of how Kingstown Crossings came to be, how the project was financed, and the decision to make the community LEED certified are all featured.  Amazing story and work by Crossroads RI and Kite Architects on this project and thanks so much for the generous words about TRAC.

"The construction phase of the Kingstown Crossings project has been the easiest part of the process. Developers hardly ever get to say that because construction is where problems often occur. Construction was as smooth as one could hope for due in large part to the fact that we have a superb contractor — TRAC Builders — and architect — Kite Architects. Christine West, the principal at Kite Architects, has been tremendous. She was a central player in the development of Kingstown Crossings."