Signs of Progress in the Olneyville Section of Providence


Olneyville Project 2 TRAC Builders was hired by Olneyville Housing to rehab 11 houses scattered throughout the Olneyville section of Providence, as well as add an additional 5 buildings of new construction, totaling 40 residential units. These houses will be used for affordable rental apartments and three community spaces, which will provide space for the Manton Avenue Project and a community food bank. Construction is expected to be finished in April with a formal ribbon cutting ceremony in May.

Olneyville Project 1 As TRAC has progressed through the project, we have released units to Olneyville Housing so that they are able to do the great work of providing affordable housing to families in need. Such is the case last week when on Thursday, 10 additional units were released allowing families to start signing paperwork for their new homes and immediately start moving in as early as Friday. Now that is progress in the making!!!

Some of this progress was recently recognized by Providence Mayor Angel Tavares on a recent broadcast on WPRI Channel 12. If you know someone that is interested in learning more about this project please contact Olneyville Housing or TRAC Builders.