TRAC Builders Takes On William D'Abate School As Service Project


TRAC Builders Takes On William D'Abate School As Service Project to Continue Olneyville Housing Corporation's Great Work!

William D'Abate Before and After

TRAC Builders recently completed a large affordable housing project for Olneyville Housing Corporation.  On May 17th, Olneyville Housing held its ribbon cutting and announced that they will continue to focus their work around the William D’Abate School in the Olneyville Section of Providence, as it is the hardest hit section of Olneyville in their area.  Knowing how important it is for the people of Olneyville to be invested in their community, TRAC Builders has taken on a service project to give the William D’Abate School a face lift for returning students in the fall.

Only July 20th, TRAC Builders coordinated over 25 staff and volunteers to dedicate their time to repaint the school that was a myriad of colors, gang tags, and in disrepair.  TRAC donated their time and financial resources to this project in an effort to continue the work of Olneyville Housing Corporation to make the neighborhood a better place to work and live. 

As stated at their ribbon cutting, Olneyville Housing Corporation quoted, “The impact of this initiative on the residents and school children in the area around the D’Abate School and Joslin Recreation Center cannot be underestimated.  By attacking derelict properties along walking routes to school, particularly at corners and other high impact locations, Olney Village has had a tremendous impact in stabilizing the neighborhood and supporting the work of the D’Abate School.”

“The outside now matches the magic of what happens inside our school.”, stated Principal Brent Kerman who could not have been happier with TRAC taking on this project and was ecstatic to see the results. 

A special thank you to other contributors that helped TRAC Builders make this project successful!! Christine Malecki West, Kite Architects for selecting a great palate of colors, Benjamin Moore for donating all the paint used in the project, JM Painting for donating their time to the painting project, COSCO for donating the guardrail replacement in front of the school, American Aerial for donating the lift equipment, Olneyville Housing Corporation for bringing the project to our attention and helping us with their time to the painting project, Al Buco, Coordinator of Public Property for cleaning the school prior to our painting, Building Futures for donating their time to the painting project, and Sabina Matos, Councilwoman for the City of Providence for visiting us during our service project.

 William D'Abate Progress