TRAC Completes Upgrade to Radiation Oncology Center


TRAC Builders recently completed an upgrade to the RI Hospital Radiation Oncology Department.  The Comprehensive Cancer Center, which brings together world-renowned physicians and collaborative local specialists to provide top cancer care, tasked TRAC with modernizing its facilities in order to support its mission to provide the most innovative and effective technologies to its patients. This highly technical project required working in an active cancer center. Removal of unsuitable soils, an engineered de-watering system, installation of a split chiller and air system, lead shielding, and static dissipating flooring are just some of the specifications required to the success of this project. 

radiation oncology

About the machine:

TRAC worked closely with Brain Lab and Varian Medical Systems to work out the specifics of the machine and required installation requirements for a TrueBeam STx linear accelerator machine advanced to perform radio surgery.  It was engineered from its inception to perform noninvasive, image guided radiosurgery procedures with pinpoint accuracy and precision.  The precision of the TrueBeam STx system is measured in increments of less than a millimeter.  When completing the upgrades to the room and installation of this machine, the space is measured off of the isocentric axis.  The room configuration around the isocenter metrics is essential to the follow for the machines success.  Specifications of such room are below per Varian Medical Systems.  Further details on the machine may be found at: