Our Culture

The decision to hire a General Contractor or a Construction Manager should be based on many factors, but the most important consideration should be an understanding of the company's culture. At its most basic, culture is described as the personality of an organization. Simply put, it is “how things get done around here."

TRAC Builders' culture is woven into our commitment to our clients and our community. It is a promise to ourselves to do meaningful work.

We believe in respecting every individual and or group that we associate with during the entire building process and our everyday business practice. A company that uses technology for efficiency and promotes leadership in sustainable construction always provides for a safe and secure work environment, both at the construction site and the office. These are some of our shared values.

Peace Love Studio event at Kingstown Crossing, sponsored by TRACPeace Love Studio event at Kingstown Crossing, sponsored by TRAC

At TRAC, we aim to create a spirit of community through the formation of a team approach during the construction process. We enroll our clients and partners (subcontractors, architects, engineers, suppliers, etc.) in cooperative efforts with advanced planning and scheduling logistics. Whether it be a gut rehab of a downtown historic landmark or building a new food processing plant in an industrial park –  or even building a new airport on an island 15 miles from the mainland –  each and every project's success is based on our commitment “to see it through and not make excuses," and to deliver what we promised.

On every project we have undertaken in our 20 plus year history, we have taken responsibility not only for the success of the project construction, but also for the success of our partners and our community.