Lifespan: RI Hospital Hybrid Operating Room

Rhode Island Hospital’s new hybrid operating room is the latest successful project added to TRAC Builders’ healthcare portfolio.  Working above an active emergency room and adjacent to other operating rooms; noise and air quality monitoring as well as a modified work schedule were required as to not disrupt the hospitals operations and patients.  Ongoing coordination between the design team, stakeholders and vendors was critical for the successful delivery and functionality of this project. 

This surgical theatre is equipped with advanced medical imaging, Siemens Artis Zeego, a C arm and first multi-axis system based on robotic technology that can be positioned to the surgeon’s specifications.  In addition, a Huntair Clean Suite Air Quality system was installed as HVAC was a key component to this room to minimize the potential for airborne particles to cause surgical site infections.  Surgical lighting, numerous monitors to display information from the imaging equipment, medical gas connections and diagnostic/monitoring equipment, all of which are commonly suspended from booms and mounts fixed to the ceiling were added. The room also includes a separate administrative control room with lead shielded walls and glass.  Due to the amount of components and equipment competing for ceiling space, coordination between the engineering team, surgical staff and vendors needed to begin as early as possible to avoid complications and redesigns during construction.

Rhode Island Hospital’s hybrid operating room will provide surgeons and physicians with the most-advanced surgical innovations and imaging equipment for a variety of cardiovascular and vascular procedures in one sophisticated location. The operating room is planned to increase patient safety, decrease procedure times, and eliminate patient transfers to imaging rooms before and after surgery, which may result in improved cost efficiency and fewer medical errors. Rhode Island Hospital’s operating room is expected to facilitate quality outcomes because surgeons will now have the ability to verify their procedures live during an operation as well as have various hybrid systems that can communicate with other system.  This surgical theatre will profoundly impact patient experience, staff satisfaction and overall delivery of care.






Lifespan Design Team


Nat Rea